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Leader in Corporate and Personal Transformational Training, Coaching & Multiple Intelligence based Counselling.
Our Coaching, Training, Assessment & Counselling are proven and real value preposition for our clients and preferred for its long-lasting effect on participants.

Mindware is defined by the values we believe in:

  • Authenticity & Integrity
  • Breakthrough Creative Thinking
  • Profound Partnerships With Our Clients
  • Exceptional Outcomes

To empower and enable people by helping them know their Power zones, Passion and Ability to take Action towards achieving Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace of mind

Anindita Garg

As a leading Parenting Coach Anindita Garg has contributed to transform thousands of lives.
An ISB Alumni, trained by Dr. Howard Gardner (Harvard University), with overall 19+ Years of Professional Experience.

Shyam Garg

A Computer Engineer and MBA, Managed business in IT/Telecom/Education/Marketing industries with overall 21+ years of experience.
Founder of few very successful start-ups in Technology, Consulting, Training & Education.

Team Members…

Dr. Sanddhya S.

Associate & Counselor

Nitu Gupta

Sr. Counselor

Anila Arora

Associate & Counselor

Dr. Madhavi K

Associate & Counselor

Amarjit S. Purba

Corporate Sales

Vaishali Malunde

Nashik Partner & Counselor

Darshan Mehta

Sr. Trainer

Pramod Agarwal

H'bad Partner


Enables your child with Life Skills like Public Speaking, Leadership, Team Management and Creative Thinking. Along with Transformed Abilities like Concentration, Creative Memory, Hand writing, Super Sensory Activation and Emotional Balancing. Overall Confidence of child leads him/her to winning attitude.

Age group 5 – 15 Years.

Program Structure:
2 Full days – Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 6PM.
Followed by 3 weekend half day sessions – Saturday 10.30AM to 1.30PM.
Also Includes 5 months of once a month Mentoring & Assisting opportunity.

Nature’s best way to nourish Fruits is through its roots, your child is fruit and Parenting is the root.

To find root cause of all your relationship worries and enables you to help yourself to deal with Ease, Grace and Power practically in daily life

The values you want to inculcate and see in your child, can only be done through parenting. An opportunity to convert your concerns and stress to a Happy Parenting Journey!


Age group 21  – 55 Years.


Program Structure:

1 Full days (Sunday) –  9AM to 6PM.

Followed by 3 Monthly half day sessions – Saturday 10.30AM to 1.30PM

Discover Happiness and fulfilment by Understanding Strengths, Abilities, Dominant Learning style, Passion and Potential for maximizing efficiency & effectiveness. Help in Relations, Career, Academic Stream Selection, Learning style and Behaviour pattern & more.


For Age group 2 – 65 Years.


Program Structure:

15min of Scanning process in Mindware office.

Followed by 1 Hour of powerful personalised counselling sessions by senior counsellor on Panel.

Also Includes 15 minutes of telephonic support once in first month. Know More…

Its 90 Minutes high value oriented program organised by Communities, Schools, Institutions, Companies and Social/Cultural organisations to contribute in area of Parenting and Relationships to everyone.

Program Structure:

75 Minutes of Pure contribution in area of Parenting and Relationship, participants will take back assured and significant value.

Followed by 15 minutes of Mindware Program introduction.

Mindware is contributing in organisations by creating customized and highly Result oriented transformational, action oriented practical training.
Advantages to Corporate- Few suggested programs are:

Image, Attitude & Personality | Team Effectiveness | Effective Communication– A very specific and custom designed post need analysis by our team.

Executive Empowerment | Leadership Development – Transforming relations towards peace of mind to cause overall effectiveness in all areas of life.

Discover Life – Work Life Balance and How Stress occurs to you?

News & Media

A monthly Business online magazine ” Empowered Times” has featured Anindita this time as the “Wonder Woman” Entrepreneur of the month.

Anindita’s entrepreneurial journey.

This is a blog area !! Will Put some links for the blogs!!

Anindita’s entrepreneurial journey.


Brain & Ability Kid’s workshop on Sat. 14th & Sun. 15th Oct.

Click Here For Details

Starts this Saturday 4 and 5 Nov. Whitefield, Bangalore. 

Click Here For Details


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  1. Consultant / Mentor: Individual with great communication skills want to be part of Team Mindware as registration consultant.
  2. Associate: Suitable for individual, Part timer, self-employed, with little investment, No infrastructure. Mindware Support through training, system and deliveries.
  3. Partner Program: Great business opportunity for Passionate, Full timer, committed Individual or organisation to take responsibility of Mindware branch in your city. This program have all advantage of Franchise with one year break-even advantage.
  4. Employee: Communication Support Assistant for managing registration in Pune – leads to enrolment and registrations in training and counselling programs of Mindware


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